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How does it work?

how does kinesiology work?Kinesiologists use muscle testing to talk to the body, particularly the nervous system.  We know the nerves make the muscles work so by testing the muscles we can gain information about the nervous system and the brain.

Then using a combination of the latest neurological reorganization techniques together with traditional therapies we rebalance the nervous system to function better and find new options.

Science has taught us that the brain is constantly in communication with every cell of the body, sending instructions and receiving feedback. The brain keeps the delicate equilibrium of the body, without our conscious awareness: blood pressure, temperature, hormone production, fluid management, immune response etc.  Working in conjunction with memory, life experience, and in conjunction with the limbic system (the repository for emotions), the brain co-ordinates this complex matrix, taking all of this information into consideration in every response we make.  The Kinesiologist tests through each area to determine what is causing the problem and is directed how to resolve it.

The practitioner will test the muscle by applying a small amount of pressure as the client simply maintains the muscles position. An unlocking muscle response can be an indicator that stress is having a negative effect somewhere in the system.

By retraining the nervous system to handle the stress better, ie by promoting the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and restore) instead of the sympathetic nervous system (fight /flight) balance is restored and the body has a better way to work.

Meridian System (acupuncture channels)

Kinesiology combines  neurological retraining with the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The Chinese meridian system explains how the body transports vital energy or chi throughout the body via 14 interconnecting channels. The Chinese named these meridians after the body functions they are associated with. Any blockage in the flow of energy, gives rise to specific symptoms. Each element is a combination of Yin and Yang in perfect balance and has its associated emotion, season and flavor, all supporting and controlling each other. A direct correlation between the meridians and the muscles of the body allows the Kinesiologist to determine where the blockages occur and how to restore the flow.

By restoring balance and natural flow the client is better able to recuperate and heal; making life easier again.



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