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What is Kinesiology?

How does kinesiology work?Kin-esi-ology means the study of movement, but it is so much more. Through muscle testing the kinesiologist can talk to the body to determine what is causes stress and dysfunction / disease.

Kinesiology is based on the premise that the body has its own innate healing system and when the blocks to healing are removed the body can restore its natural state of balance.  Life IS meant to be easy.

Life is easier when we have all our energy available to us. When we are energetic we can heal physically and recuperate from the stresses and strain of our daily lives.

Often we do not have access to our natural energy because it is taken up with old hurts from the past, fear about the future and limited by our own beliefs about ourselves.

Kinesiology can help you achieve

  • Better balance
  • More harmony
  • Stronger resilience
  • Greater joy
  • Inner peace

If you want to live a free and happy life then come and see me. The answers to all your problems lie within yourself.

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