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Why is it so effective?

does kinesiology work?Kinesiology is amazing for many reasons but mainly because it is truely holistic.  The therapist will look at the clients (your)  issue from many perspectives; psychological, emotional/ chemical as well as physical. We get the full picture of what is going on in the mind and body.

Kinesiology is unique to each individual as it uses your muscles to understand your body. Everyone’s experience is different and therefore his or her perception is unique.  The answer to Why things are not working well, lie inside yourself.

Your healing is within you.

There is no other therapy that I know of that has the ability to access our memories, our beliefs, traumas and our unique perspective of the world. No-one can know how we each see the world so it is only through testing your body that we get Your Story.


Kinesiology goes to the cause of our problems not just treating the symptoms. The focus is on providing a comprehensive, long-term solution.  As we remove blocks quickly and easily,  you free up your energy to heal and recuperate so you can find more choices in your life and be who we were meant to be, given the right opportunity.

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