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Help me help others with depression

NO More Excuses!


I’ve had enough  it’s time to do something ………….

…about depression. And I need your help.


I am so sad, angry, frustrated and irritated but most of all I’m ashamed after watching the 60minutes program last night about the young man who committed suicide late last year. He was 25 years old and had suffered from depression for some time.


I’m sad for his family and friends and sad that he had to go through years of feeling so bad that it seemed better to end it all and take his own life. Most of us can’t imagine how bad it must be to feel that low. It’s so unbelievable – so tragic and so desperate. And the other terrible thing is that it’s so common.


To quote the 60mins website today:

Depression is a high risk factor for suicide and, in Australia, there are approximately 2,500 suicides each year.


On average, six men take their lives every single day in Australia.

On average, 1 in 8 men will have depression and 1 in 5 men will experience anxiety at some stage of their lives.



And why am I so ashamed? – because I know that I can do something to help a lot more people than I do. I’m ashamed that I haven’t put my hand up to help.

How many more have to die before I’m prepared to swallow my fear of being judged or embarrassed or criticized because I say that I have skills that could save lives.


Most people who suffer with depression don’t want to risk the embarrassment of being labeled or judged as having mental health problems so they wont seek help. Then those who do, get put on anti-depressants that gives them the ability to cope with their daily life but not much more. There is no answer or resolution for depression in the ‘mainstream’. The belief that only doctors or psychiatrists are able to help these people is wrong. Anti-depressants are a band aid not a solution.


Kinesiology is a wonderful option and it’s time we came out of the shadows and offered these people our help. I have to confess I do not advertise and promote kinesiology the way that I should. I’m afraid of being challenged and accused or even not being allowed to practice by the mainstream medical profession and their advocates. But this is a shameful excuse. I’m ready to step up and help. I know I have already helped many clients through this maze but I can do more.



It would be wonderful to know that you are with me. There are a few ways that you can help me to help others. I’m writing to you because you are my clients already and I’m hoping that you agree that I have helped you in the past. I want to put enough stories together for the News to consider alternative therapies as a viable option.


  • Firstly just to know that I have your support would be wonderful. Send me a reply with your thoughts on the subject.
  • If you have experienced positive results from Kinesiology would you please write a testimonial about your experience.
  • Specifically if you have had depression and I have helped you then please get in touch and we can tell your story together. It can be anonymous if your prefer – I do understand.
  • If you know anyone who have depression and needs my help them put him or her in touch with me.
  • Any other ideas? How do we best get this news out there?


I am going to approach other Kinesiologist or other therapists who deal with depression and get them involved. If you know someone please ask them to get in touch with me.


This is not about me, this is about helping people who are suffering and dying; young men and women who have nowhere to go. Lets do something together.



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  1. Hi Maureen
    My name is Hevi David. Like evie with a h. I have successfully attained my Diploma in Kinesiology last year. I have started my practise recently in Chippendale in Sydney.
    I started my Kinesiology joourney when I had severe case of emdometriosis and had flare up of crohns disease. That was about 16 yrs ago.
    I must say that I was really helped by my practioner. Not only so I decided to study Kinesiology and help others. I went through challenges emotionally coping with all that. She did help me. I am grateful that she did.
    I have listened to the exact news lately about mens suicide rates and wonder the same things as you.
    Alot of people dont know what we do.
    Drop me a line if you would like to chat .

    • Hi Hevi, thank you for your comments. We absolutely do amazing work and we need to stand up be counted.
      Thank you for your story and your support. I will start collecting them as they come in and see what happens from there.
      I’m getting very positive support so I need to keep it up.


  2. Hi Maureen,
    I have felt the same way as you have about helping people with depression. My modality is hypnosis and NLP, particularly the rewind technique which is incredibly effective for people suffering from PTSD. It can also be used for depression. I believe very strongly that alternative methods of treatment need to be given more recognition. Sadly mainstream medicine/psychology does not support these alternative therapies.

    I would be more than happy to join with other voices in calling more attention to other treatments that help people – and that do this without any undesirable side effects. Happy to chat.

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